BlackTie Marketing Group is a leading real estate marketing agency specializing in true integrated solutions for real estate professionals and businesses, both locally and nationally. We partner with you to build a successful brand, through websites, e-campaigns, printed materials, social media and online/offline strategies to help you create a profitable return on your investment.

  • Email Marketing

    While everyone may not currently be a buyer or seller, most will be at some point. Our email marketing programs ensure you’re both relevant and top of mind when your contacts are looking to engage a realtor. Learn more»

  • Direct Marketing

    Print is not dead, not by a long shot. Be it postcards or advertorial magazines, quality direct-mail is still one of the single best ways to put yourself in front of potential clients with style and impact, all while being very affordable. Learn more»

  • Web Development

    These days a website is a given, but unfortunately all too many people grab a pre-made site template and call it good enough. This may be fine for amateurs, but top-sellers need to stand out with a professional website. Learn more»

  • Full Service

    As a full service, dedicated real estate marketing agency, Blacktie can provide you with a comprehensive array of creative services from graphic design to and video production to branding services and more. Learn more»