Advertising directly to homebuyers with real estate partners helps you build long-lasting relationships resulting in long-term success.

Seeking for core partners with an interest in cross-marketing each other’s products and services? Our newsletters offer prime site placement and partner-specific editorials that reach thousands of readers each month. Advertising within BlackTie pages are an inexpensive way to provide exposure to an audience of future homebuyers. Our objective is making sure the right ad reaches the right person, right when they’re paying attention.

The advertising opportunity provides:

  • Powerful Partnerships
    Building business is about building relationships. Let us help you grow your database and do more deals by helping others grow their business. Become others most valuable business asset and you’ll have referral partners for life.
  • Lead Generation
    You’ll gather more leads than ever with referrals from your co-marketing partners. It just doesn’t get any better than this.
  • Increased Contracts
    Partner with others to help grow their business and watch your business grow. The synergy of two minds are always greater than one. Now you can work with any professional in your area and reap the rewards of doing more deals.

Don’t miss a chance to co-market your business! If you are in the real estate industry seeking to work with other professionals and looking to grow your business, BlackTie Marketing Group has a customized plan for you based on your budget and goals.

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