Direct Mail & Print Marketing

The-Ridge-Brochure-Cover2BlackTie Marketing Group combines industry proven graphic design, informative content and state-of-the-art printing processes to ensure every printed piece we produce is the absolute best. Our top-quality printed materials are designed to help put your best foot forward, enhance your brand and create a one-to-one connection with potential clients. From postcards and flyers to editorial-style publications and zip-code specific premium magazines, all of our printed materials are run on high-quality stocks in your choice of sizes, these upscale marketing pieces are perfect tools for reaching both buyers and sellers and ensure a great reflection of both you and your business.

We can either create something totally original for you, customize our existing templates or create a dedicated print portal where you can not only login and customize them yourself with specific property photos, details, and pricing, but choose your quantities, delivery date and even have us get them in the mail for you. Even better, all of your print materials are stored in your account which allows you to access previous jobs, duplicate, edit and run them again with the same content, new content or a mix of both. Pretty cool, huh?

Below is some representative pricing of our print pieces, but please give us a call so that we can ensure we get you the absolute best possible rates for either a one-off print job or by creating a comprehensive marketing package.