Strong visual design is at the core of everything we do. Our award-winning team of graphic designers have the creative prowess and technical proficiency to produce a wide array of powerful visual solutions to help elevate the image of your company or property. We continuously strive to create professional visual experiences to deliver a clear message with strong impact. No matter what marketing channel, our design team is capable of bringing forth fresh ideas to evoke a powerful response from potential clientele.

Some of our graphic design services include:

  • Branding & Identity
    If you value first impressions, then do not look for a shortcut when it comes to the brand identity of your business. Let us help you create an original brand that stands out. Our services include custom logo design, business card design, stationary and more.
  • Logo Design
    A strong logo has quickly become the cornerstone of any successful business and a necessity for the real estate industry. Through a unique combination of colors, fonts and graphics, your logo has the potential to make a lasting impression on a wide range of individual and corporate buyers, separating you from competitors, regardless of your size.
  • Social Media Design
    Eye catching social media design for your real estate business enables you to better promote your company to a wider audience and motivate word of mouth advertising. Social media is meant to keep your fans and followers engaged. BlackTie Marketing Group will help you setup your social media profiles or improve the existing ones you have.
  • Listing Presentations
    Attractive, professional listing presentations win over clients. We design presentations people see and feel. We translate your ideas into visual presentations that connect and resonate with your audience. Whether you’re starting a presentation from scratch or you have an existing presentation that needs visual polishing – we can help!
  • Media Kits
    A media kit gets straight to the point and efficiently communicates your unique message. Having a polished and professional media kit will give your business an edge, helping prospective buyers recognize the value of choosing your services above the competition.
  • Business Cards
    Real Estate Business Cards act as tools for spreading the business of agents. The business attitude considers these business cards as extraordinarily vital mini resumes towards developing their business. Business cards are the good strategy to expand the network of your business. Real Estate Business Cards perpetually facilitate the realtor’s to place along their business where they initial begin.
  • Postcards
    In real estate, when you’re not selling, you’re marketing. There’s so many impressive ways to market, but one of the most time tested real estate marketing techniques is sending out Real Estate Postcards.
  • Brochures
    Real estate companies and agents rely on print marketing to brand their images, attract new clients and sell more homes. In an age of heavy digital competition with a need for local exposure, print marketing, such as brochures, provides creative opportunities above and beyond business cards and yard signs for turning higher profits. If you can leverage the power of creative print marketing techniques, you can quickly become the go-to real estate agent for your market.
  • Flyers
    A flyer is a highly effective form of paper advertisement which is being used in various marketing campaigns. Every listing deserves a quality print flyer. It is often the first impression potential buyers have of your listing! Do not overlook this important tool.
  • Newsletters
    Print and digital newsletters are designed to keep your name and face foremost in the minds of your potential clients.

We base our pricing on experience and budget. Our real estate marketing agency can provide custom solutions that fit your budget. So before you think you can’t afford BlackTie Marketing Group, give us a call. We can help you find solutions that fit.