In real estate, location is everything. That also includes your marketing strategy – where do you choose to market? Where and how you market is just as important as what you market. Either way, it’s vital to market your real estate business or you won’t have a business to market.

Some of our marketing services include:

  • Social Media
    Social networking sites are great opportunities to find potential clients online. Social media marketing, has become one of the fastest methods of marketing real estate business. By involving yourself in these online communities through conversations and media sharing, you are passively opening up opportunities for people to become future clients.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Improving your website’s performance hinges on your ability to achieve top rankings in the search engines. Real estate SEO is a highly competitive arena that requires a focused strategy and proven tactics. We combine over 8 years of experience helping improve keyword positions, increase Google traffic, and move the needle for referrals and sales.
  • Email Marketing
    When it comes to email marketing, even the smallest error can make the difference between your email being opened or trashed immediately. We can help you create a real estate marketing email, print or digital, that will achieve increased open and click-rates.
  • Direct Mail Marketing
    Effectively reaching your customers and prospecting clients is essential for a successful real estate career. BlackTie Marketing Group provides the expertise to ensure your direct mail campaign competes against the mailers of top-producing agents and delivers an effective, targeted message.
  • Content Development
    Our talented copywriters can help your business reach your target audience with carefully crafted written communications. Our multi-platform experience includes idea generation and real estate copywriting for web content, marketing collateral, press releases, blog and editorial writing. From crafting powerful investment memorandums, marketing presentations, and engaging website content, use BlackTie Marketing Group to create masterful copy tailored for your needs.

We base our pricing on experience and budget. Our real estate marketing agency can provide custom solutions that fit your budget. So before you think you can’t afford BlackTie Marketing Group, give us a call. We can help you find solutions that fit.