Set yourself apart from the competition and boldly showcase your property with a full-motion, high-definition (HD) video production. BlackTie Marketing Group professional real estate videos provide your target audience with a rich and engaging experience that is sure to leave an impression. The final production consists of full motion video that is outputted both on DVD and as a streaming online video that can be placed on any website, sent via email, or linked to the MLS. Our videos can effectively profile a wide range of property types including: residential developments, commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, luxury homes and company/agency profiles.

Some of our video production services include:

  • sony-4k-cameraProfessional HD real estate videography
    We offer the latest in high-definition (HD) video production including top of the line HD cameras, sound, and lighting equipment to produce visually stunning marketing and promotional videos.
  • Editing and custom motion graphics
    Our comprehensive post-production editing and motion graphic capabilities can help you conceptualize and clearly convey your message. This includes dynamic 2D and 3D animations and visual effects.
  • DVD authoring and package design
    The surest way to grab attention is to have the finished product wrapped in a professionally design. From the DVD menu to the cover and package design, our designers know what it takes to produce something that will impress.
  • Real estate video marketing
    Marketing your real estate video is just as important as producing it. At Black Tie Marketing Group, we have the expertise and demonstrated experience to help promote your video and execute a strategy to generate visibility and optimize reach for your target audience.

DJIPhantomGoProDroneWe base our pricing on experience and budget. Our real estate marketing agency can provide custom solutions that fit your budget. So before you think you can’t afford BlackTie Marketing Group, give us a call. These are a basic set of packages* we offer and we can work with you to create the perfect mix of services from the features listed here and by adding other great upgrades like  shooting aerial footage, adding professional voiceovers, creating custom video branding, and just about anything else you can think of. So whether you need a simple video tour of a featured property or perhaps are interested in a TV spot showcasing your business, BlackTie can make it happen.

*Combination still photography and video production packages are available.